UnderSkatement Vol.4 Premiere SLIDESHOW

Web-log of the UnderSkatement Vol.4 Premiere in San Francisco.

Words and Photography by Andreas Trolf

SF, CA (DECEMBER 1) – After a week of all-nighters leading up to the premiere of the 2007-2008 UnderSkatement program I can finally sleep easy, secure in the knowledge that people came out and had a good time.

All counted, about 600 people packed into San Francisco’s Victoria Theater for our hometown show and the first stop on the UnderSkatement Vol. 4 tour. Adidas has made a point of backing the festival and so my partner, Dave, and I were able to concentrate on making this year’s program as wicked awesome as possible. And, man, was it ever awesome.

The program includes films by (and featuring) such excellent people as Bryce Kanights, Dan Wolfe, Rory Sheridan, Tommy Guerrero, Dave England, Justin Strubing, Toad, Laban Pheidias, Rick Charnoski, Sam Hitz, and literally hundreds of others (including me, because I’m awesome).

We screened the 20 short films and then wandered off into the cold San Francisco night over to Café Du Nord for the after party where skate rock teen idols Hightower and The Oh Sees (who, incidentally, also recorded a killer original UnderSkatement theme) were performing. And there was booze there.

I guess, based on these photos, I had a really good time and saw lots of people. So I got that going for me. Cool. Next Saturday we’ll be in Portland for the show up there. I’m expecting an even later and drunkener night since there are so many high-quality strip clubs all over. The show is at the Clinton Street Theater.

The first ten people through the door get free UnderSkatement shirts. How about that?