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PHOTOS & INTERVIEW: @jaimeowens

Vans was nice enough to fly us out to New York City last week to try out the new Chima Pro 2 and hang with the boys. We had a blast and got a few photos and a little interview for you to check out. Thanks to Kathy, Cierra, and Nieratko for the hospitality! Go to your nearest skate shop and cop a pair of these bad boys….they tight!


Quick Interview With Chima Ferguson about his new Vans Chima Pro 2.

Give me the breakdown of the new Chima Pro 2.
Yeah, this one has a side stripe where as my first shoe didn’t. It’s still a low-profile shoe that’s basically good for your feet. And these will have the Ultra-Cush Lite 3-D insole too. They’re a little firmer but have really good impact resistance. I’m hyped on them.

You’re standing next to KWalks right now, did you want to get the sidestripe going after seeing his shoe because your first one didn’t have one?
Ha, I take a lot of notes from KWalks, but yeah, they basically gave me a design for a new shoe and I tweaked some things to my liking and that’s how we got to my new shoes with the sidestripe.

Did you know if you search the “best sellers” in the pro skate section on the Vans site, the top six are all your first shoe?
I’m very happy with that. I believe the second shoe will be right in line with that one. So, I’m stoked.

Back to back number one hits!
Yeah, hopefully, hopefully.

[Turning to KWalks and Tyson Peterson] What do you guys thinks of the Chima Pro 2?
KWalks: That shit is about to go off the hook. If you’re looking for that flick, it’s got it for you.

Tyson: It’s a really good-looking shoe. Right when you put them on, they’re good to skate. The toe is great for flicking. It’s got that mellow toe-cap around the whole thing basically. Just when you look down at it, they look so good.

So, we’re here in NYC for the launch. Are you doing anymore parties or events for the shoe?
Yeah, we’re doing some traveling for the launch. We’re going to Seoul, Korea. Then Malaysia after that. And we’ll end up in my hometown of Sydney, Australia for another wear test with the boys.

When does the video part come out that we’ve been hearing about?
Yep, me and my boy Tyson over here are going to have parts coming out April 2nd.

Tyson: Wait, when does it come out? How long can we film til?

Chima: You can film probably up until March 20th. Like if you get a banger, it will go in. But yeah, I’m stoked I’m doing it with Tyson.

VANS_CHIMA_NYC_FEB_2018_03_KWalksOllieKWalks breaking in a fresh pair of Chima Pro 2s.


VANS_CHIMA_NYC_FEB_2018_04 Da Boys. KWalks, Chima, Tyson Peterson.


VANS_CHIMA_NYC_FEB_2018_05_JLAY JLay with the signature switch 360 flip over the Chima gap.


VANS_CHIMA_NYC_FEB_2018_07 Chima posting up!

VANS_CHIMA_NYC_laughThe boys were having fun.


SP18_Skate_ChimaPro2_VN0A3MTIQO6_DrzBlkWht_Side copy


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