Vans Downtown Showdown 2007

October 13, 2007. Another great contest idea turned reality by Vans. Fans were free to wander around the Paramount Pictures back lot, watch amazing skating, and drink and eat to their hearts’ content.
Here’s what went down obstacle by obstacle.

Creature’s Passage Into The Depths Of Despair:
This obstacle was funny and rad at the same time. The skaters shot through Darth Vader’s helmet, kick turned on a bank, then could either do a trick over the tunnel or transfer over one of the hips. Slash, Heddings, Alfaro, McCrank—too many to name all ripped it. Tyler Mumma deserved first. You’ll see in the video. Omar Hassan had an unfortunate accident while shooting the tube. He caught his freshly shaved dome on a piece of wood and ripped a big piece of his scalp off. He was rushed to the hospital and came back to the contest later in the day with a load of stitches. Other than that he was alright, but man was it bloody.

Girl Gonz Wild:
A smaller replica of the Gonz gap from SF’s Embarco. James Kelch was even on hand, sitting in the wave with a forty and a blunt. Mikemo’s switch and fakie 360 flips were the highlight. Peter Ramondetta did a 360 double flip right at time. This was the funnest obstacle to watch. Billy Mark’s sheer number of tricks gave him the win.

Real’s Sacto Rebate:
Designed to replicate a Sacramento street style contest in the 80’s, the downhill runway gave way to some lofty airs over the beater car. Alex Olson, Rick McCrank, Justin Brock, and Tony Cervantes (although injuring his knee) all went dumb over this thing. Busenitz had ridicuous tricks on the spine contraption too. Ed Templeton was the crowd pleaser with his numerous attempts at gap out to noseblunts. Awesome.

Foundation’s Big Board:
This obstacle was a bitch. A huge skateboard on top of a huge table top. Somehow Rick McCrank, Tommy Sandoval, and Johnny Layton grinded the side of the beast. JT Aultz nose wheelied it. Nick Dompierre frontside flipped up it and rode off switch. You gotta see the video to really understand how f—ked it was.

Catch a replay Web cast here

Check the two slideshows for all the pics! Video coming soon.