Vans Pool Party is one of the best contests of the year and has been for over a decade. The energy and level it goes to is unmatched. No other contest gives you 12 year olds to fifty year olds ripping it up and keeping the crowd stoked for hours. Here’s a small photo recap of the some of those moments this past weekend.

Photos / @jaimeowens (black & white)   @kyleseidler (color)

Cory Juneau, frontside ollie.

 Grosso plays the crowd.

Hosoi liens.


 Navs slashes through.

 Chris Russell, one foot egg.

 Chris Miller, tailslide.

 The crowd favorite.

 Our good friend Alec Beck proposed to his girlfriend Amelia Brodka.

Grosso with the lien to tail.

 Heimana Reynolds giant madonna. Jeromy Green, backside air.


 Clay Kreiner, huge stalefish.

 Alex Sorgente, backside air.

 Bucky Lasek, frontside heelflip.

 Tom Schaar, backside ollie.

Kiko Francisco does backside ollies too.

 Nicky Guerrero, air to fakie.

 T-Mag, invert.

 Hosoi, lien one foot.

 Chris Miller, crossbone.

 Jordyn Barratt, egg plant.

 Mike McGill, fakie invert.

 Salba slices through.

Lonnie Hiramoto.

 Josh Borden, frontside nosegrab.

 Zach Miller, frontside lipslide.

 Tom Schaar, frontside Smith.

Navs up close and personal.

Stevie Caballero, backside air. Photo/ Chris Ortiz.


1st  Tom Schaar
2nd Cory Juneau
3rd  Clay Kreiner

1st  Steve Caballero & Lance Mountain (Tie)
3rd Tony Magnusson

1st  Andy Macdonald
2nd  Chad Shetler
3rd Lincoln Ueda