Back in March, we were lucky to get a sneak peak into the Vans / Spitfire Ad shoot that you may have seen in our Am Issue poster. Chris Pfanner was the star of the day blasting over the steep hip built by Peabody and T Mo. Other skaters ripping that day were AVE, Massimo Cavedoni, Andrew Allen, Pat McClean, and Sean Gutierrez. While the spot may not last forever, a good session went down that day before the ice cold rain came in sideways and sent everyone running for their jackets. Enjoys the flix!

For video of the Vans Spitfire collaborations, go here. Keep the underground lit!


Always on the scene to make sure things are staying clean, looking mean and keen! Mr Jamie Hart posts up on the way to the spot.


There is no secret trick to getting under a fence, it's just all about getting down and dirty. Gabe Morford ain't afraid of some grubs under the nails – call it a form of urban yoga.


Available for comedy routines at the drop of a hat, Mr Frank Gerwer and Mr Peter Hewitt were on the site for moral support and shits and giggles.


Peabody AKA – R.P.McW, rounds up some last minute ornamentation with the help of Sean Gutierrez.


An ant's eye view from the back of Chris Pfanner's mega blast on the poster from last month's Am Issue.


Spitfire TM Darin Howard secures the perimeter from the outside, keeping strangers and BMX'ers from creeping in.


Mr Morford takes it to the floor while Peabody and T Mo run a quality control check on the rare yellow top ledge.


John Alden is not afraid of pushing a broom to keep the spot free of rocks. Darin, keeps still like a stone cold statue.


The sign says it all. Drink 'em fast and you don't need a coozie anyway!

A man on a bucket makes for a better angle. Up or down, Morf always goes the extra yard to make it nice.


In SF, a nice sunny day can turn on you in a matter of minutes. The wind came first, then the clouds, then the ice-cold rain. Greg Hunt tries to stay warm by kicking a little jig.


A job well done, heading back to the comfort and warmth of DLX HQ.


Pfanner is all smiles and so is Jamie, its off to Omar Salazar's shoe launch.