Well, its been a busy month of February down in Australia. Over the next few days, we will bring you some highlights of this summer in OZ. Skating, camping, adventure and just an all around good time. Make sure you tune into the next PRINT issue for all the meaty skating that went down. First off, we follow the Vans team to Tasmania. Exploring deep into the wild west coast, the boys discovered what happens when skaters are left to the their own devices after all of civilization has been left behind. It's 'The things men do…'—O’Meally


Sporting a new black and green mop, TNT had to excuse himself from a bank to wall session briefly for some under the bridge relief.


Last chance to check the stock portfolio before technology disappears. Facebook page, MySpace and chat rooms don't exist in the wilderness. Chima Ferguson stays dapper while he can in the Hobart hotel.


Before any big session, stretching is always a good idea—Dollin, Gilbert and Andrew Allen get low.


For some the future is so bright, it's never a good idea to take off the shades.


In the truck is an Australian Blue Heeler—one of the best dogs for herding sheep. In the van is Mr. Greg Hunt, one of the best shepherd's for herding stray skaters.


Keegan brings some 'lean back' to the top of Hobart in the fog of Mt. Wellington.


Marking high art in high places, mountain men Keegan and Greg Hunt find a great location for a portrait, Mt Wellington again.


Too much fun! Winding roads down a mountain, and the promise of one of the world's longest and best hill bombs—Gilbert and Keegan couldn't hide the positive vibrations.


At the bottom of the hill and still smiling despite losing some bark, Dustin is all smiles after whizzing past the Cascade brewery.


More fun! Keegan is a man who enjoys the simple things in life like pumping gas. Who'd have thought it could be so enjoyable?!


A good way to get warmed up or burn off some extra energy—'Jamer' was pumped enough that he did some jumping jacks after a session is a sewerage ditch.


Keegan strikes again!! To gain better purchase on the windshield wipers, mount the hood and put your back into it.


Tasmania and Ulverston local, Skateboarder's Journal HNIC and all around stellar tour guide, Sean Holland feels the moment in the music as we stopped for gas in his home town, lovingly dubbed 'Ulvie.'


Into the wilderness, no more cell phone signals, Internet, shops or nothing, the only thing to do on the first night of camping is to channel your inner Goth metal band—check Dollin's ‘Tool’ style spinning head.


Anzac digger and bloody top bloke Ryan Wilson experiments with a new kind of 'wet line' trout fishing.


The morning after the night before, everyone survived and no shenanigans about getting back into your tent. This could only be described as the calm before the storm .


Chima channels his tribal instincts and tries to blast the fish right out the river.


Ryan follows Chima's lead, there were plenty of fish in those dark waters, but sadly none of them would co-operate and get into our bellies.


Dustin shows his softer side while examining some native Tasmanian flora.


Long drives and lotsa drinks in the hot sun, as James Reyne from Australian Crawl used to say: Them boyz line up!


Even in remote locations like Wynyard, Tasmania the global appeal of Fiddy Cent is tangible.


Chima catches up with the Wynyard locals. These kids could swear hard enough to make a sailor blush, when they weren't punching each other in the arm or spitting on the ground while smoking.


Out of the cultural wilderness and into the natural wilderness, Keegan plunged into the icy waters of Lake Burberry fully clothed. Perhaps he was trying to mask his scent as we were only 100 kilometers from the place where Alexander Pearce gained notoriety for eating his fellow convict escapees from Macquarie Harbour.


Sean Holland gets on bacon duty after the night when one of the world's most savage phrases was coined: 'F—k off back to your tent!'—keep your eyes peeled for the t-shirt.


Back into the promised land of Bondi Beach, an ancient secret ritual was performed under the blanket. The things men do…


Montgomery Clift and Robert Downey Jnr. were spotted in Bondi at the Beach Rd. enjoying a game of pool.


Heading down to the Bowlarama circus we ran into Van's own Anthony Acosta on the job.


Bros for life but how many brain cells are left between 'em? Any man's guess is as good as the next!


It's all about the ‘A's!’ Grosso is Arcadia's son and Anthony Acosta is not having another baby…well not just yet.

Check back—more from OZ coming throughout the week.