Vans Unveils Orlando Skatepark

Let’s get strait to the point–this place is huge! Over 60,000 square feet of skate heaven.

The street course has all the hips, pyramids, and flatbars you could ever dream of. The mini ramps have spines, extensions, escalators, and little rollers which sure are a good place to train for the vert ramp.

Let’s talk about that vert ramp: it’s over thirteen feet tall … that’s big. But according to vert rippers Neal Hendrix and Mike Frazier it’s one of the best vert ramps around. And there’s a combi pool with pool coping on the nine foot half-clover section and super fast metal coping one the lower hips, corners and escalators.

But we’re not done yet, there’s an outside concrete section that’s a skatepark in itself. You can beat the heat inside by skating the outside handrails, step-up gaps, hips, quarterpipes, and there’re even some Hubbas.

Opening-day highlights included Buck Smith destroying the pool and two Rollerbladers brawling with each other on the vert ramp and then getting kicked out–now that’s funny. This is definitely one of the best Vans parks, so be sure to check it out if you get tired of Disney World, because it’s right down the street.