Andrew Cannon
Home: From Glen Mills, Pennsylvania but my home is Tempe, Arizona
Sponsors: World Industries boards and shoes, Ergo Clothing, Bones Wheels, Dakine, and Fairmans Skate Shop

Video game you're hooked on: I’d rather read a good book.
Pro model shoe you were most stoked on when it came out: First Ed Templeton Emerica.
Am that should be pro: Willy Akers.
Favorite TransWorld cover: Chris Senn grinding over the hole of death.
Album so good you'd actually buy it: Gorgoroth, Incipit Satan.
Best video as of late: Potpourri by the great Thad Croskey.
Video you can't wait to see: The Blind Video and The Sandwich Cam Video By Philthy and Davis.
You're favorite pro: Ed Templeton.
Last photo you shot: A frontside grab at Pecos park, it was quite a fun session.
Pet peeve: Couples that sit on the same side of the table when they go out to dinner. It’s the worst. You stare at an empty seat, you knock elbows, and you talk sideways to one another. I hate that so much.
Last injury: No real injuries, but my feet are terrible. I always have athletes foot, or they are super dried out and the skin cracks and it hurts to walk, let alone skate.
Food destination: Arriba Mexican Grill, right near the Pecos skatepark. Its the best. Fajita Quesadilla with guacamole—there is nothing better.

Filmed/Edited by Dan Shetron. Additional filming: Thad Croskey and Travis Adams.

Andrew Cannon loves to ride a skateboard. If you have ever skated with Andrew or get a chance to, notice the good vibes and positive demeanor. If I had to choose a color to describe Andrew, I would pick Orange.  Maybe orange ’cause nothing rhythms with it and there’s only one person like Andrew—that I know of. And if you roll the orange on the ground it just cruises around enjoying what it’s doing. That may be a metaphor but whatever. I call Andrew to skate ’cause he’s down for the cause and to make the best of any situation.  He’s got more tricks that a prostitute in Amsterdam—personally, I wouldn’t know, but I’ve seen many people come out of the red light district smiling. He’s got most all the s.k.a.t.e dice tricks wired so be careful playing him. If you see Andrew on the streets give him a high five!  He likes that.—Ronnie Creager