Video Check Out: Andy Beaumarchais

Andy Beaumarchais
Age: 22
Home: Carlsbad, California
Sponsors: Element (flow), Gravis (flow), Elwood (flow), Brixton, Surfride

Years skating: Twelve.
After a session I'm: Cruising.
TV show you can't miss: Seinfeld.
Web site you visit every day:
Dream sponsor outside of skating: Ruger firearms, Smith and Wesson.
Best pro: Jay Thorpe.
Favorite person to film with: Dana Shaw or Eric Lesar.
I spend too much money on: Gas, insurance, beer.
All-time favorite skate video: Sight Unseen, Mosaic.
Three road trip must-haves: Motorcycle, skateboard, beer.
What skateboarding means to you: Do whatever you want whenever, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Filmed by Eric Lesar and Jon Holland. Edited by Eric Lesar.

I hard a hard time writing Andy’s Check Out. It could be because I haven’t written anything since I graduated high school, or because I have so much to say about him that I can’t fit it all into one tiny paragraph. I wanted to point out all of his flaws and let the world know how many problems he has. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t come up with one bad quality about Andy. We’ve been skating together since high school, and I have to say, he’s been my favorite to watch grow up. His flatground is wizardry, has more pop than Kobe, and he likes the Celtics! What an awesome dude! In an age of skateboarding where so many are trying to keep it real, Andy’s keeping things right. In the words of the late Notorious BIG, “If ya don’t know, now ya know.”—Kenny Hoyle


Lipslide kickflip fakie. Photos: Blair