Video Check Out: Andy Dicker

Age: 23
Home: Fair Oaks, California
Sponsors: Element (flow), PLA skateshop

First skate video you saw: Menikmati, Arto’s part is legendary.
Part you’re looking forward to in the new TransWorld video:Wes Kremer’s, he can skate everything, a genuine skater.
Guilty pleasure: Motorboating, I aspire to be a captain one day.
How do you feel about the last question: Naughty, I don’t even have my boat license yet.
Session killer: Bad attitudes, citizens who are drunk with power, and wind.
What’s rad about skating right now? FOFA and all the other homeys are killing it.
What’s sad about skating right now? Bad attitudes and the excess of park montages. More street footage would make skating happy.
Best thing about your hometown: All of the FOFA representatives, press skatepark, rabid chickens in old town, and its close vicinity to PLA.
Celebrity crush: F--k celebrities.
Last lesson you learned: Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls.

Filmed & edited by Matt Mullen

Ah, the young lord Andy Dicker! A formidable man of skill, wit, and valor. He yields the power to beteam his grandmother to dote on one’s every wish, whether it be handing off a fine brew or cooking breakfast in an interminable amount of fashions. Strike up a conversation with him about his personal scooting contraption; I daresay one shall never regret it.--Mark Suciu