Anthony Williams
Age: 22
Home: Currently Beautiful San Diego, California
Sponsors: Alphanumeric Clothing, Diamond Supply Co, Fillmore Wheels, Force Trucks, Pacific Drive Skateshop, Ogio Bags

Video game you're hooked on: EA Skate 2.
Pro model shoe you were most stoked on when it came out: Jordan Retro 1s.
Am that should be pro: Marius Syvanen.
Favorite TransWorld cover: Nick Trapasso, September was dope!
Album so good you'd actually buy it: Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt.
Best video as of late: Damn, There’re so many good ones!
Video you can't wait to see: The Plan B vid. Chocolate vid, Extremely Sorry, I think DGK might be workin’ on somthing too.
You're favorite pro: There’re a few greats that’ve inspired me like  P-Rod.
Last photo you shot: A pivot to fakie, yesterday at this sick spot in Costa Mesa.
Pet peeve: Sketchy drivers.
Last injury: Been lucky lately.
Food destination: Chick-Fil-A.

This is my man Anthony Williams.. know what? fokk all that. lets keep it reality, for one second here. Anthony Williams is THE best skateboarder ive seen since the turn of the century. period. if yall know a cat anywhere within the range of this young mans skateboarding ability, PLEASE let me know. because ive yet to see anyone. from mannys, to rail, gaps.. this dudes the Truth like Sojourner. Anthony. i wish you all the blessing of the world, and if you need ANYTHING- you holla. and oh yeah. watch for Ant in the upcoming Minority Report 2.. in the great word of Killa Cam “its finna be a hot summ’uh”.—Clyde Singleton

Filmed by: Matt Creasy, Eric Myro, Sid Sewell, Mike Kretovics
Edited: Matt Creasy

George Bush, Jay-Z, and the freemasons? Public schools run by corporations? Just a few of the things swirling around in this kid’s mind while he skates. If he’s this good with a busy mind, imagine if he thought clearly…—Nino Scalia

Photos: Blair Alley