Video Check Out: Auby Taylor

Auby Taylor has a Check Out in our June 2011 issue. Now here’s a video to go along with it.

Video by Chris Ray, photo by Oliver Barton

Age: 21

Home: Oxnard, California

Sponsors: Flip Skateboards (flow), Nike SB (flow), Index Skateboard Supply

Am who should be pro: Theotis Beasley, Sascha Daley, Moose.

Video you’re looking forward to: Allergic To Awesome!

Job after skateboarding: Skatepark designer and family man.

Who hooked you up: Mom and Pops, Andy Henrie, Luke McKirdy, Geoff Rowley, Dameon Rowe, Curren Caples and family.

Worst trend in skateboarding: Non-landed photos.

Last contest you skated: Tampa Am.

Recommended reading: Archie comics.

Go-to trick: Switch heelflip.

Last song you listened to: Electric Light Orchestra, “Turn To Stone.”

Road trip must-have: Booze.

A great man once said that Auby is socially f-ked but a true skateboarder. After sharing a room with Auby for the last four months, I completely agree. Auby will skate all day and take slam after slam and still try to wake you up in the middle of the night to go out and skate more. He thinks he has a broken bone after pretty much every session (other people think he’s broken something also because every time he slams it’s as if he’s being electrocuted). And in true Auby form, instead of ice, he takes four or five baths a day to make him feel better-it’s some sort of weird addiction. He will let a photographer take a naked picture of him anytime anyplace, he will even let you use it instead of a skate shot in a mag! Auby likes to say all the eyes of Texas are upon him-I just hope he has his clothes on.-Curren Caples