Brandon Del Bianco
Age: 19
Home: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sponsors: Element skateboards and clothing, Venture Trucks, DaKine, Exo Skateshop, The Rail Skatepark

Favorite place to chill: Home with my family, or Cali with friends.
Am who should be pro: Paul Trep or Morgan Smith. I can’t pick one, I’m shocked they aren’t pro yet.
Best video you've seen recently: Stay Gold. Reynolds really is The Boss.
Trick you want to learn: Does Rodney give lessons?
Pet peeve: I don’t get miserable people who hate everything. Especially the whole internet hate craze.
Food destination: In N Out, so good.
Last major purchase: Rims for my car.
TV show you're hooked on: I don’t really ever watch TV, Family Guy is amazing though.
Favorite TransWorld video: Hallelujah.
Who hooked you up: My parents, Mike Imposimato, Chad Albert, Marc Falkenstein, Brian White, Rodney Harris, Ryan Kingman, Gregg Goulter, Josh Robertson, Tony Vitello.

Big things come in small packages. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Brandon Del Bianco has quietly been making a name for himself. With a humble approach and endless bag of tricks, Brandon is paving a path towards global recognition. Take note, he's coming to town on a mission.—Marc Falkenstien



Photos by Andrew Norton