Video Check Out: Brian Gille

Brian Gille
Home: San Diego, California
Age: 23
Sponsors: Stereo Skateboards, In4mation Clothing, Willy's Workshop, 9five Eyewear, Bliss Wheels

Am who should be pro: Spencer Prati.
Video you can't wait to see: The next Sk858 vid.
Trick you want to learn: Regular tre flips.
iPhone app you'd recommend: Instagram Then if you’re on the Instagram game, you got to get Camera+.That’s if you a gangsta.
Next place you want to travel: The homeland, Philippines.
Biggest waste of money: Starbucks and Coffee Bean.
Cities for skating: San Francisco, New York, Barcelona, and SD.
Recommended reading: Only thing you need is a TransWorld Mag in front of you.
Best warm-up spot: Just pushing around downtown San Diego.
Job after skateboarding: Professional hustla.

Killer on the streets, this guy likes to have fun more than anything. 3G service comin' at ya.—Jimmy Cao

Peep Brian’s VX Video Check Out here.

Video by Ryan Alvarado