Video Check Out: Carlos Zarazua

Carlos Zarazua
Age: 22
Home: The Valley, California
Sponsors: The Hundreds, DVS, almost, Select wheels, Force trucks, Primitive, Mountain Dew

Winter skate destination: Anywere I wouldn’t be able to normally, because people are on Christmas break.
Food you can't live without: Chipotle.
Daily visited Websites: Follow me @zarazua1987.
Am who should be pro: Windsor James.
Best video of 2009: The Zero video.
Hot warm-up spot: Pedlow or the Pacoima park.
Recommended reading: My tweets.
Why video parts still matter: 'Cause it helps the skate industry and public that you’re not just sitting on your ass all day or just lurking at the skatepark.
Biggest waste of money: Gas and cigs.
Last pool you skated: Pedlow skatepark.
Favorite skater of all time: Andrew Reynolds.
What you'd do if the world ended tomorrow: Nothing because the world ended, haha.

I’m sure Carlos has been skating for a long time by now. Long enough to know that it’s all about fun and cruising with all his homeys on an everyday basis. Carlos was never the dude to worry about what sponsor he was going to pick up next, or where he would be traveling to next, or even if he’s at a shitty skate spot. Carlos is just in it for a good time—on and off a skateboard. Some kids have the wrong idea about skating and Carlos isn’t one of them. He’ll get psyched and get you super psyched!—Torey Pudwill


Backside bigspin. Photos: Jimenez


Backside flip.


Backside nosegrind, nollie lazer flip out.