Dave “Black Dave” Willis
Age: 16
Home: New York, New York
Sponsors: Darkstar Skateboards (flow), Globe shoes (flow), Thunder Trucks (flow), KCDC
Skate Shop.

Years skating: Five.
After a skate session I'm: Having a good time with my homeys.
TV show you can't miss: Family Guy.
Web site you visit every day: YouTube.com.
Dream sponsor outside of skating: New Era Fitteds.
Best pro: Heath, Rowley.
Favorite person to film with: Peter Sidlauskas
I spend too much money on: Junk Food, Goog.
Beverage of choice: One dollar Arizona iced tea.
All-time favorite skate video: Flip Sorry.
Road trip must-have: iPhone.
What skateboarding means to you: Having fun, putting all your worries and problems to the side and just going out skating. Thanks to Dave Ashley at Darkstar for hooking it up and getting this on the TWS site, Grandpa at Autumn, Sweet waste and Scotty at KCDC, all the beautiful ladies, and all my homeys in NYC.

It’s funny how things work out. I’ve never personally met Dave. He was actually on “rep flow,” and the rep showed me some of his footy and that’s that. Rep flow turned into Team Manager flow, to a TransWorld video Check Out. I have no stories to tell you about him yet, so his footy will have to suffice. He’s a nice kid who gets his sh-t done, and for that, what more could one ask? Take a look at this East Coast killer. The sun rises in the East!—Dave Ashley