Video Check Out: Felipe Nery

Name: Felipe Nery
Age: 17
Home: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sponsors: Civilized Board Company

Am who should be pro: Nick Merlino.
Your deepest fear: No longer being able to push around on my board.
What's the strangest semi-edible thing you've eaten: Taco Bell, die!
Your nerdiest pastime: Watching Mouse all day and Facebook at night.
What movie did you cry to last: No tears.
Most awkward thing you've done on your skateboard: Varial heelflip crooked grind with a broken off nose.
Source of inspiration: Gino Iannucci.
Where would your dream road trip be: California, this is my dream!
Newest song in your iPod: Madness, Our House.
Last time you wore a tie: Honestly never used one.
Last book you read: TransWorld!

This kid’s got it. Just watch this Check Out.—Aaron Snyder