George C. Moreno
Hometown: Burbank, California
Sponsors: World Industries, éS Footwear (flow), Select Wheels

Am who should be pro: Jake Johnson.
Best video of 2009: Moving In Traffic.
Music you're always listening to: It varies from day to day.
Good advice you've been given: "Seek peace and pursue it."
What you'd do if the world ended tomorrow: Hopefully be ready.
Favorite skate spot: Rough ground.
Bad habit: Falling asleep with my glasses on.
Place you want to travel to next: Somewhere scenic.
Worst injury: Almost slicing one of my fingers off when I was a child.
Best skate shoes: The simpler ones.
Web site you check every day: My friend Jeb Allred's photo blog.
Who hooked you up: The good Lord!

Filmed by: Daniel Shetron & Sage Caswell. Edited by: Daniel Shetron
Marquee Photo by: Chris Ortiz. Portrait by: Jared Sherbert

George lives down the street from me. He's one of the most humble and smartest persons I have ever met. Once he skated over a Christmas present to my house. Anyways, George rips and always tells me about new spots in the neighborhood, even about the school across the street from my house. You can find George slangin' records or exploring the streets of Burbank for skate spots. Let him know the Yankees suck if you see him.—Scuba Steve