Video Check Out: Jeff Figueroa

Jeff Figueroa

Age: 24
Home: Riverside, California
Sponsors: HYPE! skateboards, éS Footwear (flow), Active ride shop

Am who should be pro: Austyn Gillette.
Your deepest fear: Drowning.
The strangest semi-edible thing you've eaten: I don’t remember doing this but one night I was incoherent and I mixed Hershey’s chocolate with top ramen.
Your nerdiest pastime: I was in high school and I used to run to lunch to be first in line.
Last movie that made you cry: Elephant man.
Most awkward thing you've done on your skateboard: I don’t know but I’m pretty awkward off a skateboard.
Source of inspiration: My friend Imran Syed, he just graduated from law school and he still rips!
Your dream road trip: New York.
Newest song in your iPod: I don’t have one.
Last time you wore a tie: Valentine’s day.
Last book you read: Marx 90 Minutes.
Your most famous relative: Raymond Molinar is a beast.
Web site you check every day: TransWorld, Skateboard Mag, YouTube, and Facebook.
Video you're hyped on: Hallelujah.
Next moves for the future: Enrolling in college, working on the HYPE! video, Believe.

What up broskis! I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, like my man Jeff. Keep a look out for him, he’s easy to see coming—buttery steez, proper spots, and a stock pair of chinos everytime. Believe the HYPE!—Jeremy Holmes

Filmed by: Brian Hunter, Nelson Chao, Mike Campos. Edited by: Brian Hunter.




Sequence and portrait: Nick Wisda