Video Check Out: Jordan Trahan

Pick up our March 2011 issue to see Jordan’s gnarly Check Out in print. He spent a couple days in our park and we made this edit to go along with it. Check Out Jordan Trahan.

Filmed by Chris Thiessen & Blair Alley. Edited by Chris Thiessen

Age: 19

Home: Lafayette, Louisiana

Sponsors: Expedition-One (flow), DVS (flow), Rukus Boardshop, Force Trucks, Hubba, Elm Company, FKD, Remind Insoles

My ideal skatepark must have a: Good flatbar.

New Year’s resolution: Cook more and floss.

Am who should be pro: Rodrigo Peterson and Nate Broussard.

Best video of 2010: LRG video.

Vacation destination: Home sweet home.

Trick you want to learn: Frontside flips.

Road trip must-have: Friends.

Album you’ve been listening to: Jethro Tull, This Was.

When I’m not skating, I’m: Eating.

iPhone app you would recommend: Anything but Twitter.

I’ve known Jordan for just over a year now. I invited him to come stay with my family and I to see if he could handle leaving┬áLouisiana. Out of all of the friends I’ve helped out over the years, he has impressed me the most. He leaves a great impression on everyone he meets. Also, if you get a chance to meet Jordan, ask him about his hoarder house experience. You’ll be glad you did.Justin Williams