Joseph Mairena
Home: San Diego, California
Sponsors: Plan B (flow), DC (flow), Hurley (flow), Silver trucks (flow), FKD bearings, Kontrol wheels, Arnette sunglasses, and Street Machine skate shop

Video game you're hooked on: Skate 2…I'm addicted
Pro-model shoe you were most stoked on when it came out: Eric Koston one
Am that should be pro: Cody McEntire
Favorite TransWorld cover: Guy Mariano, switch shuv nosegrind—butters.
Album so good you'd actually buy it: Paper Trail.
Best video as of late: Mind Field.
Video you can't wait to see: Right Foot Forward—Kellen James.
Your favorite pro: Froston.
Last photo you shot: Switch flip front board six stair.
Pet peeve: Any kind of negativity.
Last injury: Tweaked ankler.
Food destination: Subway.

Joseph is really, really good at skateboarding. Tricks seem to be a little too easy for him. It took me a few days to figure out which way he skated, he claims regular but I’m still not sure. Apparently rails aren't scary either to Broseph. He'll  for sure be jumpin' down somethin' switch way before most are even warmed up. He's just all around good. So check out my dude Joseph, he's got some serious talent.—Ryan Gallant