Video Check Out: Matty Hunt

We posted Matty’s throwaway part as a Footy Tape Friday, now here’s the real McCoy.

Matty Hunt
Age: 23
Home: Pleasant Hill, California
Sponsors: Krooked (flow), Gravis (flow), Analog (flow), Thunder Trucks, Spitfire, Metro Boardshop

New Year's Resolution: Be outgoing and less shy.
Movie you'd recommend: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.
Am who should be pro: Brad Cromer, Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson.
Best video of 2011: Any Fatback video.
Next skate trip: No plans, up north?
Video part you watch before skating: Nick Boserio, Life Splicing.
Newest music in your iPod: My Bloody Valentine.
When you're not skating, you're: Cupcaking.
Favorite skatepark: I will have fun at any park.
Trick you want to learn: Pull a rabbit out of a hat.

From watching my dogs or going out to skate, Matty is always my first call.--Corey Duffel

Backside 180 nosegrind. Photo: CHAMI


Hey Matty, how’s the Instagram contest going?