Mikey Burton
Home: North Hollywood, California
Sponsors: The Hundreds, Markisa Accessories, Nike SB, Manik Skateboards, Goods Skateshop

Favorite city: Seattle with the homies!
Your deepest fear: Injuries!
Best skate video you've seen recently: Hallelujah.
Best street skater of the past year: Torey Pudwell.
Best tranny skater of the past year: Bob Burnquist.
Best rookie pro: Tyler Bledsoe. He’s pro now right?
Plans for the summer: Stack clips son!
Thing you would do if the world was ending: Party Like it was 1999—haha!
Waste of cash: Booze.
Next meal: Carne Asada burrito!

I first met Mikey Burton when he came to live in Sacramento for the summer. We loved giving him a hard time. One time we told everyone in town that he was the skater “Death Wish” and it bummed him out so bad. Another time I was mixing bondo with gloves on and greeted him with a handful of a bondo handshake. No matter how bummed Mikey got though, he was always killing it. I got to witness one of the gnarliest tricks I’ve ever seen done, which we used in Hallelujah (ollie over barrier to flat). He went to a spot that tons have been to and shut it down (landing it twice). That was the one day I couldn’t give Mikey a hard time.—Chris Ray

Song: Bitter Sweet – Dirty Laundry
Filmed & edited by Cory Williams
Additonal filming: Chris Ray, Kurt Hayashi, Anthony Claravall, Jeff Halsted, Max Henderson, Cory Woods, Josh Anderson


Photos: Garric Ray