Ray Maldonado
Home: Los Angeles, California
Sponsors: FTC Sac, Girl, Fourstar, Royal, Nike, Autobahn wheels

Years skating: 7 or 8, something like that.
After a skate session I’m: Hungry for some T-Bell.
Show I can’t miss: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, reruns of Scrubs, and Family Guy on adultswim.com.
Web site you visit everyday: TransWorld of course! Theskateboardmag.com, theberrics.com, and I’m a victim of the myspace.com epidemic.
Dream Sponsor outside of skating: BMW and gasoline. Non-stop skate missions.
Best Pro: So many amazing pros, but hands down Eric Koston, Mark Appleyard, and Stefan Janoski.
Favorite person to film with: My baby boo Jesus Grajeda and Chris Ray.
I spend too much money: On junk food and my cell phone bill!
Beverage of choice: Dr. Pepper makes the world taste better.
All time skate video: Modus Operandi, MJ and MC just amazing! The new fav of course Fully Flared.
Road trip must-have: Sacramento, then from Sac head up to Seattle, Washington. Arizona would be tight just because I’ve never skated out there.
What skateboarding means to you: Having fun with the homeys. Just to be out skateboarding and not thinking or worrying about anything else and just skate.

You ever see that guy skating and think to yourself, “This dude is so damn good, how is he not hooked up?” Ray Maldonado is that “Dude.” I could be at fault for this—the day before he was supposed to fly out to Tampa Am, Ray and I were out filming at a three-block and I suggested he do a fakie tre down it. That fakie tre nearly broke his ankle and he didn’t make it to Tampa. Ray sends me footage all the time and I always think the same thing to myself, “Yeah, I’ll check out the couple cool clips he has,” but Ray sends me a new full part all the time! Hey Ray, Tampa Am is coming up again and if you feel like rolling up to session a three—block, I’ll be here waiting for you.—Chris Ray