Ryan Harris
Current Location: San Diego, California
Sponsors: Alphanumeric (flow), Jivaro wheels, Osiris (flow), 510 skateshop

Next Location: Bolinas fool!
Favorite sandwich at panera bread: Bacon turkey bravo.
Favorite video of all time: The Reason.
Favorite burnside local: Q-man.
Favorite Bay Area Ripper: Jon Stalings.
Favorite Bay Area Rapper: Dubee.
Favortie Lil Wayne song: Bitch please.
Favorite Lynard Skynard song: Poison Whiskey.
Favorite San Diego ripper: David Cole.
Favorite moment in history: Any Malcolm X moment.
Favorite Skatepark: Burnside.
Portland or S.D., why: S.D.—the ladies.
S.D. or Bay Area, why: Bay Area—the diversity.
Bay Area or Portland, why: Portland—the parks.

"That dude is raw," is what you’ll usually hear someone say after they’ve experienced a session with Ryan Harris. This is because Ryan Harris is raw. Raw talent, raw skill, raw style and raw speed. In my opinion, he’s a skateboarder’s rennaisance man, only he appreciates all types of terrain and he skates each with the same ability and fire. He’s the homey you can throw into any session and he’ll kill it, regardless if it’s a backyard pool with some bowl trolls or a ledge session with some tech nerds. The dude has lived everywhere from the Bay Area to Portland and just migrated down to San Diego. He came here with a little less than a dollar in his pocket, but has found a home here in America’s Finest City and is making it work. He skates everyday despite his full time work schedule at Panera Bread, and doesn’t let any time go to waste. Keep an eye out for Ryan Harris, because the man is on a mission. He’s impossible not to like, always has a smile on his face, and is sure to shock some people in the near future with his versatile abilities on a skateboard.—Walker Ryan

Photo: Allen Ying