Video Check Out: Ryan Martin

Ryan Martin has a Check Out in our December 2011 issue with a Scanlife code for this video part. If you haven’t picked up that issue yet, or you don’t have a smart phone, here it is.

Age: 21
Home: Folsom, California
Sponsors: Expedition, Gold Wheels, PLA Skate Shop

Favorite city: Barcelona, Spain.
I spend too much money on: Food.
Beverage of choice: O.J.
All-time favorite skate video: Mouse.
Three road trip must-haves: Music, water, good vibes.
Dream sponsor outside of skateboarding: Clif Bar.
Good advice you've been given: Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
Reason you skateboard: For the love of the game.
Best warm-up spot: Flatground.Who hooked you up: Allan Hannon had my footage and showed it to the right people.

Over the years I've seen him do everything from grinding kinked rails to switch back noseblunting the top of picnic tables, he's got it all. Sacto represent!--Alan Hannon

 Filmed by Alan Hannon, edited by Tanner Rowe