Name: Shawn Owens
Age: 23
Home: Virginia Beach, VA
Sponsors: Force trucks, Nike SB (flow)

Year you started skating: The year of the flying squirrel.
Your porn name (pet name plus the street you grew up on): Micheal Flicka.
Most anticipated part in the new TransWorld video: The Silver Bullet himself—Bobby Worrest.
Guilty pleasure: Holding people’s lemonade for ransom!
Band T-shirt you would wear: The Silver Rust.
Food you're craving at themoment: Chick-Fil-A all day!
Thing that makes you laugh: Too much.
Daily skate crew: Out West its Cody Mac, Gilbert Globetrotter, Beefy, & Double C.
Who hooked you up: My pops and mom, all my homeys, photographers, filmers (YT, CC, Mr. Pink), anyone and everyone that watched and or read this—thanks.
Session killer: Grenades probably would fit best. I don’t think anyone would survive that killer. Women with full beards and nipple hair with a jack hammer—just imagine.

I first met Shawn in Brooklyn, New York last summer after Clyde Singleton brought him up from the South for the Afro Punk festival. Shawn was super cool, mellow, and consistently ripped everyday. Even when I’d ask him to redo a trick for me, no matter how gnarly, he was happy to oblige. We kept in touch and Shawn made the move out West to Southern Cal. So when you see him in the streets, say hi to this friendly Virginian—he’ll be a great skate partner to rip with.—Blair Alley

Photos by Chris McDonald, Howard Tarpey, and Zac Woods