Video Check Out: Silvester Eduardo

Silvester Eduardo
Home: Fort Lee, New Jersey
Sponsors: 5boro, etnies (flow), Venture, Bones, NJ Skate Shop

Am who should be pro: Evan Smith.
Favorite TransWorld cover: Chima front board, February 2011 issue.
Video you're looking forward to: 5boro Join or Die, Girl/Chocolate video.
Trick you want to learn: 180 switch crooks.
Pet peeve: People nailing toilet seats to the wall and calling it art.
Best/worst purchases of the year: Best, 60-sheet roll of grip. Worst, five-dollar reflective provisional license stickers.
Best skater to be stranded on an island with: Joe Tookmanian.
Food destination: La Sorentina restaurant in North Bergen.
TV show you're hooked on: Fabric of The Universe.
Good advice you've been given: Be your own lamp.

He’s one of my favorite skaters and I can assure you one day he will be yours.--Joe Tookmanian