Stephen Serrano
Age: 22
Home: Sedona AZ is where I’m from, San Francisco, CA is where I stay.
Sponsors: Mission Skateboards Skateshop, Ace Trucks, Roughneck Hardware, Bigpaulyfilms

New Year's Resolution: To skate more than I already do! yeeeeee!
Winter skate destination: Arizona.
Food you can't live without: We’re all tryin to eat out here, food you can share.
Am who should be pro: Jabari Pendelton, Larry Redmon, Walker Ryan.
Best video of 2008: The Storm, what?
Best warm up spot: 3rd and Army.
Recommended reading: The Tao Te Ching, only thing I’ve really read recently.
Last time you skated vert: Take me to a real ramp! I’m down.
Video you can't wait to see: The BIGPAULYFILMS full feature film, and The Boneyard!
Road trip must have: good shoes, skateboard.
Biggest waste of money: McDonald’s.
Last hill bomb: The hill outside my parents house, too mellow.

Photos: Chami

Whenever I want to hype up a session, I call one guy, and that guy is Stephen Serrano. Stephen can and will destroy any terrain that he’s faced with. But the thing I like most about Stephen is his goofy care-free personality. This is where he and I are most similar. So check out Mr. Serrano’s buttery footy and enjoy. Peace.—Karl Watson