Thomas Eukovich
Age: 20
Home: Oceanside, CA

Sponsors: C1RCA Combat (flow, good looks Mario), Asylum Boardshop, and the homies who keep boards under my feet during hard times, good lookin’ out.

Filmed by Lannie Rhoades. Photos and interview below.

Video Game You're Hooked On: Just found the old Super Nintendo, that shit pops off—Earthworm Jim.
Pro Model Shoe You Were Most Stoked On When It Came Out: Any Cardiel shoe that Vans still gives him—he’s unstoppable.
Am That Should Be Pro: Peter Watkins, Anthony Schultz, Danny Scher, Asian John Gacuma (flow should be pro).
Favorite TransWorld cover: I’m gonna have to say Dompierre’s back noseblunt Oside hubba, dude is killing it.
Album So Good You'd Actually Buy It: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, 36 Chambers Wu-Tang.
Best Video As Of Late: Probably Baker Has A Deathwish or the new Sk8mafia flick. The Alien video was good too.
Video You Can't Wait To See: The flip video, so many ripping fools. And that new Black Label flick.
You're Favorite Pro: Angel Ramirez, Sammy Baca, Ernie Torres, and anyone who doesn’t take it too seriously and has a good time.
Last Photo You Shot: Some epic hassy photos with the good homie JT Rhoades down in San Diego.
Pet Peeve: Over waxing, pointless Oside police giving tickets at skateparks.
Last Injury: Destroyed my left arm a year ago. I got a few plates in there now holdin’ it down. Shout out to big Tron Bomb Troy Rhoades stuck at home on some NBA Live for the same shit.
Food Destination: Victoria’s breakfast burrito after a long day at Oside park, and gotta hold it down for Johnny Mananas in downtown Oside.