Tim Thomas

Age: 22
Home: MK San Marcos, California
Sponsors: Orisue clothing, Zoo York (flow), Nike SB (flow), Surfride boardshops, FKD (flow), and Kontrol wheels

New Year's Resolution: Hah, to stop smoking and make this a year to remember!
Winter skate destination: Filming anywhere for DG3 (Double Guns 3).
Food you can't live without: Vitamin Energy.
Am who should be pro: Scooter!
Best video of 2008: Kellen James Jus Livin!
Best warm up spot: Markos Park.
Recommended reading: Super Street Mag, Craigslist.
Last time you skated vert: Syndrome pool coping.
Video you can9 9t wait to see: Mind Field (Kalis).
Road trip must have: Good people, 2 filmers, hah, good music, good times!
Biggest waste of money: Vitamin energy, 6 bucks a day!
Last hill bomb: Some hill in ‘Frisco, too much fun!

Filmed by Cameron Holland