Check out TJ Harris‘ Video Check Out. The ScanLife code was in our March 2012 issue, but if you didn’t get a chance to peep it, here it is:

Age: 21

Home: Orlando, Florida

Sponsors: Expedition (flow), LRG (flow), DC Shoes (flow), Gold Wheels (flow), Midtown Skatepark

Favorite skatepark: Midtown skatepark.

New Year's resolution: More skating, less working.

Am who should be pro: Evan Smith.

Best video of 2011: Expedition One, Madness.

Vacation destination: Hawaii.

Trick you want to learn: Switch front bigspins.

Road trip must-have: iPod and pillow.

Album you've been listening to: Rick Ross, Teflon Don.

When I'm not skating, I'm: Thinking about skating.

iPhone app you'd recommend: Instagram.

TJ is part of the new breed of East Coast machines that has been coming up lately.—Chany Jeanguenin