Tulio Oliveira
Age: 22
Home: L.A./São Paulo, Brazil
Sponsors: CityStars, Airwalk, Mountain Dew

Year you started skating:2003
Video you can't wait to see: Street Cinema 2 (Next Citystars VIdeo) and Classic video (Brazil—me and my friends have been filming for 3 years, it’s dropping in 2010).
Newest music you've acquired: Dom Kennedy, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane.
Next meal: BBQ.
Last good interview you read: P-Rod, Rodrigo TX.
What makes you laugh: So many things, but Family Guy its pretty good.
What scares the crap outta you: Spicy food!
Daily skate crew: Manny Salazar, Rudy Patino, Carlos Zarazua, Nigel, Dan the man, Herman Jimenez, Andrew Pott, Ytalo Farias, Tiago Lemos, Renato Ratinho, Thomas Teixeira, Kimathi, Dayne Brummet.
Who hooked you up: Dayne Brummet, Paul Rodriguez , Kareem Campbell.
Best thing about your hometown: Friends, food, family.

I have followed skaters all over the world and Tulio had been one of the rawest skaters I’d seen, and we all know that Brazil has brought out some of the most gifted skaters. When I had the chance to meet him and talk with him, I realized he was perfect for Citystars. After speaking with the team and already having him in mind, I knew we had a new team banger for the terror squad. I’m blessed to know him as a friend and as a teammate. Be on the lookout for the Brazilian stallion of the future.—Kareem Campbell