Victor Zanoni
Hometown: Echo Park, California
Sponsors: adidas (flow), Active, Ashbury
Am who should be pro: Ben Gore.
Favorite video parts of all time: Corey Duffel, That’s Life, Jesse Silvey, Guilty. Jacob Van Orden up and coming in I Heart Skateboarding.
Best band from the 90s: Nirvana.
Good advice you've been given: Wake up and smell the coffee, cheers to reality.
Best food to eat during the recession: P.B. and J Pancakes courtesy of Matt Williams.
Favorite skate spot: Garvanza.
Bad habit: Being a vegetarian smoker.
Place you want to travel to next: Seattle’s 35th and London.
What would you be doing if you didn’t skate? Probably wood burning and Drawing pen on paper.
Web site you check every day: Yahoo.
Best on the road snack food: Banana.
Handrails or hubbas? Like totally Muska Hubbas!
Guilty pleasure: Coffee at the dog park in Silverlake, and I don’t even own a dog.
Favorite book: Sketchbook.

Victor Zanoni’s gone through a lot since his debut appearance as “Vic The Gremlin” in Corey Duffel’s 411VM part a few years ago. Since then, he’s lived in Seattle and San Francisco countless times, but keeps returning home to Los Angeles. Despite his changes in residency, two things have stuck: 1. His obsession with early 90s music, namely Nirvana, and 2. his ridiculously strong work ethic. He’s the only guy I know who will go on a solo mission with a filmer at 6 a.m., get a clip, and come back right in time for a cup of coffee when the cafe opens. But as they say, hard work pays off.—Kevin Duffel

Marquee photo by Chris Ortiz