Am who should be pro? Bubba Swafford.
If your entire outfit, including shoes, could be made out of one substance, what would it be? Rolling papers.
What planet would you like to visit? Smoothie.
Whats your deepest fear? Answering these questions.
If you were running from the law, what tune would you pick as the soundtrack? Jurrasic park theme song.
Strangest thing you have eaten? McDonalds.
Nerdiest pastime? skateboarding.
Last movie that made you cry? Joe Dirt.
Most awkward thing you have done on/with a skateboard? An un-natural dolphin flip to fakie axle stall out.
What inspires you? The Dragon.
Where would you're dream road trip be? Las Vegas for Ufc 100.

Filmed and edited by: Chris Thiessen

So a quick write up about ol’ Rhettneck? For starters, if you are close friends with Rhett, you are most likely
getting harsh text messages from him all day long. I wake up to an insulting text message and usually read another one before heading to bed.  Of course, all the harsh text are just out of love though right? Umm right. Seriously though, Rhett is one of the most genuine people I know. Not to get all sappy, but he is a great friend and is the kind of guy who is happy just being himself. I have been on a few budget skate trips with the guy, the kind of trip where sleeping on the beach is the plan. After getting kicked off the beach at 3 A.M. and having no choice but to sleep in the outfield of a baseball field in a ghetto park, most people would be bummed out and over it.  Rhett never complained and just laughed about it. He was just happy to be with his friends and skateboarding everyday on a trip. Missions, finding spots, building spots, lurking in the city all night skating and most importantly being out with his friends having fun is what is important to Rhett.
Heres to ya brothaman!
-Chris Thiessen