Travis Glover

Age: 21

Home: Atlanta, Georgia

Sponsors: Zoo York (FLOW), DC (FLOW), Force Trucks, Mountain Dew, 8103 Clothing, Ambush Skate Shop

Spring break plans: Go somewhere warm hopefully.

Food you can’t live without: Zaxby’s and Chipotle.

Am who should be pro: Lem Villemin.

Video you can’t wait to see: Stay Gold.

Best warm-up spot: The Woodward park by my house or any spot with good flatground.

Recommended reading: Skate magazines.

Next contest you’ll skate: Probably Damn Am Minnesota.

Road trip must have: Phone, iPod, boards, and Mountain Dew.

Biggest wast of money: Gas!

Last hill bomb: The top of my neighborhood today with the homeys!

Filmed by: Max Yoder, Matt Creasy, Chris Thiessen, Austin Sneed, Nick O’Neil, Jimmy Astleford.

Travis Glover is the real deal. He’s not one of those dudes that’s out to get theirs for the wrong reason. Like most people, he skates ’cause he loves it, but who wouldn’t love it they looked that good doing it? No homo. The boy’s got a real humble head on his shoulders, and every time I’ve had the opportunity to go skate or film with him, it’s been a fun time. He’s got one of the smoothest styles in the biz, so next time you’re at some random contest and you’re lookin’ around for Travis, don’t bother, his skating will stand out on its own. -Jimmy Astleford



BS tailslide and a BS tailslide shove it at the church hubba in the cut of Atlanta. Photo and sequence: Ali Khoshravani.

Portrait by Mike Blabac.