Video Game Preview: Skate City Heroes

Video game news is few and far between in skateboarding, so the skgamers out there might be hyped on this morsel of information. Or not. Skate City Heroes, a Wii-only game announced today via Zoo Games, features a cartoonish (and some might say queer) landscape that you’ll navigate through using Wii’s Balance Board. I’m not going to decide for you, but I can’t imagine the game will fare too well with real skateboarders. Then again, I thought the Wii would be a total disaster when it launched… and the rest is history. Skate City Heroes debuts this November--the screenshots and box art are included in the gallery below, and the press release follows. Have fun…



NEW JERSEY (September 10, 2008) -- Need to work on your kick-flips and wall-grinds while cooped up inside this winter?  Zoo Games, Inc. today announced the holiday season release of "Skate City Heroes" for play exclusively on Wii™.  In the stylish, inventive settings, fans will get the feel of skateboarding as players can get up on their feet and use the Wii Balance Board™ accessory, bringing action and innovation into the living room for the whole family.

Get ready to ride--huge futuristic environments will have players grinding on the rooftops of skyscrapers, flipping through ultramodern factories, and racing between aerial trains and hover cars around the city.  Get hands on--fend off aggressive opponents with combinations and attack moves while your player blazes by enemies on skateboards or hovercraft.  Get competitive--up to four players can battle it out in split-screen multiplayer challenges.

"We wanted to capture the fun and excitement of skateboarding, but with a new twist," says Jan Reichel, Managing Director of the development house Zeroscale.  "With a dramatic and edgy art style, a frantic pace, insane tricks, and hidden challenges, this mission-based skateboarding game is a winner, and the ability to use either the Wii Balance Board or the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ will appeal to every Wii™ owner."

Developed by Zeroscale, there's never been skateboarding action this exciting on any platform. "Skate City Heroes" will be ready to roll this November.

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