Video Review – Amateur? – 20.1

The funny thing about life’s minor nuances is you don’t see their impact unless you notice them, and being that they’re minor … you see where I’m going, right? My point is this: there’s a question mark in the title of the video Amateur? by Michael Stanfield, and that’s all it takes to justify this video being filled with ams. Trust me, after watching it you’re gonna wonder when you can go out and buy some of their pro models so you can skate like them.

You’ll spot some brand-new faces in the mix representing companies you know and love, like the non-English-speaking Brazilian kid Ricardo Carvalho who rides for everyone’s favorite- Girl. But there’re also kids you’ve seen killing it before like the red-haired ripper Dustin Charlton reppin’ for Karl Watson’s new board company and KIKX Adaptive Shoe Inserts. Plus, you’ll definitely be mesmerized by Steve Kindle’s style-he’s smoother than a buttered-up Slip ‘N’ Slide. The one thing you won’t see (unless you watch Rodrigo Teixeira’s part after the credits) is a pro.

Now, set your idol-worship on hold for about 40 minutes while you watch this video and put yourself to the test. If you still want to go skate after watching these nonprofessional athletes break it down for the love of it, then you just may have what it takes to be an Amateur?-“Get Busy” Loveless