Video Review – ATM Fast Youth – 20.1

In an era of skateboarding plagued with self-proclaimed skateboard companies producing big-budget, big-box skateboard videos of rock-star pros, it’s ever so refreshing to watch a genuine skateboard video, produced without any sort of corporate agenda.

You won’t find prolonged car explosions or shitty story lines in this video, and it doesn’t feature any scantily clad women or footage of inebriated team members vomiting in public settings. There’re no guest appearances by Tony Hawk. Chances are this video won’t make the Billboard top-100 list, or get released on DVD, but it doesn’t aspire to.

The ATM team is comprised of a bunch of skateboarders who skateboard. None of them are pursuing a career in acting, business, or the stock market. It’s probably worth mentioning that I liked Shawn Connolly’s part, and Alikai Lee is one of my favorite ams around these days.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of a company like ATM is simply they don’t care. They’re the kind of folks who produce a skateboard video, organize a makeshift premiere, and then not bother with advertising the premiere because they don’t really care if anyone shows up. It’s that love-it-or-leave-it attitude of theirs that’s noteworthy and admirable.

As far as the video itself goes, I could tell you who flipped what, but that would defeat the purpose of watching the video yourself.-Saba