Video Review – Cab’s Kids – 20.1

This summer, Steve Caballero paid ten lucky skaters’ tuition for a week’s stay at the Visalia YMCA skate camp at Lake Sequoia, California. Cab hung out, skated, and swam in the lake with the fortunate younguns’ all week long.

The grateful campers included Ben Vasquez, age thirteen, from Grant Grove, California; Ryan Thomas, age thirteen, from Peidmont, California; Brady Baker age nine, and his brother Joi, age eleven, from Tulare, California; Shaun Herrera, age fourteen, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Josh Anders, age fourteen, from Oakhurst, California; Rory Sheehe, age fourteen, from St. Helena, California; Jonathan Patterson, age sixteen, from Santa Ana, California; and Myles Keough, age fifteen, from St. Louis, Missouri. Cab plans to help other skaters attend skate camp next year, so maybe you can be one of Cab’s kids, too.-Erik Olsen