Viva La Mexico

 Chris Martin and I arrived in Mexico City from NYC and within minutes of our arrival to our hotel, located in the El Zocalo main plaza of the city center, we met up with a bmx gang and they became our official tour guides for the rest of our trip. Felipe, Miguel, Angel, Pancho, and Jesus all grew up in Mexico City and were dialed in on the epic spots of this grand city.

The next four days were filled with so many colorful epic skate spots, punk rock night clubs, mohawks, chicas, cervezas, federales which resembled robo cops, endless tacos and Coca Colas out of the bottle, and a Volkswagon bus, a.k.a.”cambis” to get us to locations far away.

Our general meeting point was two blocks from our hotel in front of the National Palace, which dates back to the late 1600s. It featured murals from Diego Rivera, Mexico’s most famous artist, and millions of people per day came to see this masterwork.

The architecture scattered throughtout the city was absolutely amazing. Elaborate buildings, temples, and palaces are heavily guarded, however still skatable. Avenue De Reforma is like the Broadway of Mexico City. It’s the ultimate strip for skateboarding. It goes on forever and is filled with banks, rails, gaps, ledges, and wallies. Part of each day was spent cruisin’ this street.

Most of the Mexican people we encountered were so enthusiastic about skateboarding. They would assist in clearing traffic just so we could fly off a bank or jump a street gap. Another highlight of the trip was a natural pool tucked away in the “Beverly Hills” neighborhood of Mexico City. It’s near the metro “Polonco.” We skated it in the middle of the night! The bmxers caught some big air out of it. Chris and I each got a few solid lines.

Transportation throughout the city was a piece of cake. The metro only costs 20 cents per ride and was extremely efficient. A train would arrive nearly every two minutes. We also scoped a few rad spots off the train since parts of the metro line is above ground. At night we jumped in the cambi!

The weather was like 85 degrees each day. It was the perfect getaway from the cold streets of NYC. So if you feel like taking a trip to a city that has killer spots and a solid vibe, visit Mexico City. I’m definitely cruisin’ back soon.—JZ

Check the slideshow for all the flicks! Photos by Christopher Martin:

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