Volcom Damn Am 2006

David Loy beat out 2006 Tampa Am winner Cody McEntire to take home first place in this year’s Volcom Damn Am contest on Sunday, October 29 at the Volcom headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. The Damn Am, which like other am contests, should be known as the crystal ball of skateboarding, attracts some of hardest working and hardest ripping ams of today.

This year’s contest, beyond the obvious stand out skating of David Loy and Cody-Mac, had Osiris am Shuriken Shannon rolling through the course with pure style and pure skill. His nollie backside flip to wall ride threw the crowd into a frenzy while the judges gave him third place. It’s only a matter of time before these ams continue to tear through contest after contest and their names become some of the most well known in skateboarding.—Ben Kelly

Check the attached video and slideshow for all the pics and footage!