Volcom Invades Washington


Weeks after I accepted the assignment, er, challenge, er, skate-party, road-triping vacation to embark on the twelve stop Zumiez Couch Tour across the U.S., my journey has finally begun. For the next month, I will be bringing you photos and videos from skateboarding’s biggest teams and even bigger pros, while capturing some not-from-around-here oddities (I’m sure we’ll find plenty through the Mid-West). I also will be answering age-old questions such as, “will I get just as many pro-hoeing girls as the pros even though I only work at a magazine? and “how do you properly destroy a hotel room on the company card? We’re sure to find out.

The first stop on the Couch Tour led us to the greenery city of Tacoma, Washington about 45 minutes south of Seattle. I’m sure you’ve heard about the endless rainy days and still-holding-on-to-the-first-place-trophy-for-suicides up here. Well, low and behold, there’s not one cloud in the sky and the temp is a solid 80-degrees the day of the first Zumiez stop. The Volcom team flew in for the demo and killed the small, but still-looking-fun course. Caswell got his tranny on, Appleyard pulled out his consistency, while Suski charged with “get the f--k outta my way written all over his skating. And of course Geoff Rowley, Darrell Stanton, Collin Provost, Brandon Westgate, Danny Cerezini, and Grant Taylor killed it as well. Amazing demo boys, we’ll see you tomorrow in Portland.

The kids in Washington are semi-mentally-insane--but in a good way. These little whippersuckers were licking the asphalt, the bottom of their shoes, and even each other’s armpits just to get their hands on a free TransWorld hat. Yeah, I repeat “FREE TransWorld hat. They thought we were selling ’em or something. Oh, well--good times.

So, stay with me, as I leave Washington with the Volcom team and move onto Portland, touch down in the South, then to the East Coast, and back through the North Mid-West with different teams flying in to each stop. Find out if Zumiez is coming through your town and if it is, show up, ask for Ben, and I’ll let you humiliate yourself and degrade your self-pride for a TransWorld hat that we would have given you for free in the first place.