Volcom New York City

The Volcom team comes from lands afar to take their own bite of the Big Apple.

When you’re flush and the market is high, it’s not the time to sit on your hands and watch the world go by. If the motor runs hot, you gotta shake it up. So where at? New York-it favors the brave and spits out the weak. If you’ve got something to say, something to do, or someone to prove it to, then head to Park Avenue and put it on the line. Above the street for two weeks, the Volcom heads came to test their metal against the city of cities and came out shining.

COLLAGE: Trains (b/w), Jewish Bus x 2 (col. Piece together), Darrell Portrait (b/w teeth), Fire Hydrant (b/w) All on Right Hand Page & keep borders on photos.

MAIN PHOTO: (left hand page): He didn’t come to New York to mess around. Darrell cracks a mean backside 180 down in the Meatpacking District.

2nd SPREAD: Out behind the Home Depot in Brooklyn, you gotta squeeze between the lamppost and the pay phone or you’re gonna get clipped. Lewis Marnell’s heelflip is stuck on the bolts. (Please blow up frame #7) (Seq. as spread.)

3rd SPREAD: Seq. (Left page) Some might say the grate at Flushing is played, but ask El Torro and he’d say they’re buggin’. Either way, Javier Sarmiento is on it-switch backside 360.

Still (b/w right page): He’s definitely out of the wild-Jake Duncombe locks in on a backside Smith in DUMBO. Inserts: Manhole cover and Wolfe Photo (both b/w)

4th SPREAD:(Left page) He’s a long way from Mumsie, but Australian upstart Shane Cross is right at home high above this big six in the L.E.S. with a solid pop shove-it.

(Right page) Seq. He doesn’t ride for Volcom, but Billy Rohan knows a lot of dope spots. He’s not afraid to give ’em up, and he’s not afraid to rip ’em either. Kickflip wallride out by Marcy Projects in Brooklyn.

5th SPREAD: (2 x b/w inserts pigeon & girl on bike, left page) New York City is full of birds. The flying rats are everywhere, but the pretty ones on bikes are a little harder to catch. The only thing Caswell Berry wants is a safe ride down the harsh-tarred blacktop after he catches this kickflip in Brooklyn. (Still Col. Right page)