Volcom Pulls Into Portland


Geoff Rowley out. Nick Dompierre in. Somewhere along our travels—waving goodbye to Tacoma and settling ourselves right on Burnside St. in Portland—Geoff ended up with food poisoning and sat the demo out while Nick D, who missed the first stop in Tacoma, flew in and ended up becoming not a bad coincidental replacement. But besides me rambling on about how consistently and amazingly the Volcom team skated two hot and humid days in a row (by the way, Nick Dompierre, Mark Appleyard, Nick Trapasso, and Caswell Berry are all nominated for TransWorld awards, which is Thursday) lets talk Couch Tour. It was a quick weekend with back-to-back stops—Tacoma on Saturday and Portland on Sunday. But with so much going on, it just seems all like a blur. Portland definitely had it’s share of rippin’ ams for the Best Foot Forward local am contest that goes down at every stop. Did I mention the winner of each contest gets flown out to the final stop in San Bruno. CA for the finals?

Zumiez put us up in a hipster-esque hotel a couple of blocks from the Burnside park (would’ve skated it if I didn’t roll my ankle the day before I left on this trip). The people out here are extremely friendly, but fast-paced is not a word that exists in anybody’s dictionary. It’s 60 mph on the freeway, longer waits for food in restaurants, and nothing close to feeling rushed like in L.A. or N.Y. Maybe that’s why everybody’s so friendly.

Next stop, Phoenix, on Wednesday, where we’ll meet up with the Lakai team and bask under a 110-degree ball of fire. My farmer’s tan should be coming along quite nicely by then.