Volcomics In Los Angeles

Words And Photos By Matt French

The historical show that was to be the Los Angeles stop on the Volcomics tour, started off with another piece of history:the meeting of the minds that (by and large) determined the look of skateboard art in the 1980’s.

That’s right. At Volcom’s L.A. store on 126 South La Brea Avenue, just prior to the second date on the illustrious Volcomics tour, on June 1st, 2007, I had the privilege of introducing Jim Phillips and V.C. Johnson to each other. It was exciting for them to finally meet, as their jobs at competing skateboard companies had made them so familiar with each other’s work. Also, over the past year, they have both (after retiring from skateboard art at the end of the 80’s) reentered the industry (at my request) to work together for Pocket Pistols Skates, out of Huntington Beach.

When Ethan Anderson’s brainchild (known affectionately as “Volcomics”) was growing inside a womb of creativity eminating from the yolk of the Volcom Art Loft, and Ethan so generously gave me a couple spreads in it, it was just the natural next step for Jim Phillips and V.C. Johnson to jump on board.

So we were added to an already stellar cast of artists, assembled from skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding by mister Anderson, for the joyous duty of Volcomics. This project is Volculminating in a “2-down, 3-to-go” series of comic book release parties…one of which, we just enjoyed this past Friday.

Next stop? London…to be followed by back-to-back shows in San Francisco & Tokyo in July. Thanks again to Pentax for the camera.

Skate or Diet,
Matt French

Check the slideshow for all the photos! The slideshow from the first show in NYC is attached as well!