Words by Ed Dominick
Filmed and Photos by Marc Delellis

Well, it started off as an idea to take place of our Black & Blue video series. We had great success with the series but it was a huge project to keep up and we wanted to change gears. One of the segments in the series was called DIY (Do It Yourself) where we would build a spot with the team, film it, and make a section for the video with it. Not only did we have another segment in the video to showcase the team, but it felt good making a new spot and also creating something for the locals wherever it was built. Taking one of our segments from Black & Blue and teaming up with a magazine is what led to the collaboration with TWS and VOX. The idea to go and build some new skate spots, give back to the skaters and have some video footage and good times with the riders. (Words and photos cont’d below)

Easier said then done. In the past we had some issues, but right out of the gate one this project it was a nightmare. The rain was a big factor at first. We had to wait it out for a few weeks to get started. We were all ready to go, had the spot in mind, had the riders lined up, and I had already built the rail we were going to put in. The waiting was getting old. Once the rain cleared, it was on. We put in the rail only to have the city rip it out. Those motherf—kers had grinded off the bolts that held it in the ground to nothing. They had left nothing but dust. This was not an easy fix so we started to think of other spots to built at. Even if we fixed it, it was clear they would have ripped it out again. This got a little stressful considering we had put some deadlines on the project at this point.

Then it dawned on us of an old spot that was in the ghetto. The difference with this spot was that it was owned by someone and not just a spot we could barge. Come to find out, Persue (a good friend of ours and partner at VOX), knows the dude that owns it and hooked me up with him to see about doing some building on his property. I went down to the spot and met up with him. He turned out to be one of the coolest dudes ever. Not only did he give us permission, he gave VOX the green light to build as much as we wanted. You see, I only asked to build the one spot and then we would move on to another location for the next one but Kutfather (AKA, One Badass Motherf—ker) tells me to build as much as I want and to continue building until were satisfied.

The plan now is to build some good stuff at this spot, showcase it on www.skateboarding.com and www.voxfootwear.com every other month for the rest of ’09 and enjoy the time spent working on this project. Hope to see you there. (You're a skateboarder, go find it.)