Wainwright Wins Reese Forbes Ollie Challenge

For once in my life I was actually looking forward to the Trade Show, It didn’t have anything to do with the parties at night nor the handshaking festival that seems to transpire in the hallways. The reason I was looking forward to the show was to see who could ollie the highest. Rumors have been circling in the skateboard world for as long as I’ve been involved, but not since 1989 where Matt Hensley ollied 2 feet 9 inches in Hawaii, has a legit contest been organized. Enter Reese Forbes, and the Reese Forbes Ollie Challenge. What’s this Ollie Challenge all about? It’s to settle once and for all “Who can ollie the highest?” The winner will not only get the privilege of being crowned Ollie Champ but will walk away ten thousand bucks richer¿bling bling.

The rules for the contest were rather simple; only pros are allowed to enter … Okay, this is Shad on the keyboard givin’ you scoop. I just had to pile drive Lance in his dope new puffy jacket to get in on this piece. Rules? There was a concrete “Jersey” road barrier with some one-inch bars they would put on top to make it higher. You could hit the bar, but if any of the bars fell down it didn’t count. You had to roll away, too¿no hands down slob tactics. Each skater had three chances to clear the height in the prelims. Prelims? Well, they took the original crew and kept raising the height until five skaters with super pop remained. Tim O’Connor was pioneering new space age areodynamic/lightweight outfits to give him the advantage. His tech outfit of skating in his boxer shorts didn’t cut it though. The final crew of ollie kids were Brian Young, Stacy Lowery, Jake Stewart, Danny Wainwright, Rob Gonzalez, and of course the Forbinater.

Okay, this is lance on the keyboards again giving you my perspective of the Mad Pop Skills contest. We all like betting right? I mean things seem to transpire much better when some dough is involved. So I called up the Hard Rock in Vegas to see the latest line.. Unfortunetely Julian, the bookie at Hard Rock didn’t know what the odds where, or even knew what an ollie was, so I smashed the phone and told her that “Jimmy The Greek would have known these things.” So I tried to get in contact with another bookie and that’s how I met Vinnie The Geek. I call him up and ask what the odds are. He thinks his phone is tapped and says “Meet me at One More That’s It.” I meet the one eyed beast and explain how I think that this kid from England has the maddest pop I’ve ever seen. Vinny has already heard of the Forbinator and tells me that odds are in his favor,

Hi, this is me, Shad writing this paragraph again, I knew it was going to be Wainright Versus Forbes from the start, I had Lowery figured in there too. What I didn’t expect was Rob Gonzalez, Jake Stewart and Brian Young. Those guys have some snap. Brian went out first, then Jake, then Rob, then finally Stacy went out. Begin the battle of Reese versus Danny! They both cleared 44 inches and the crowd went ballistic! They went up to 45 and both cleared but couldn’t ride away. So the Element team set up a height of 44.5 inches. I’m just going to tell you right now I had my Money on Danny the Euro ollie pistol from Bristol. Boom, he cleared it! Forbinator got over but couldn’t ride it out! Ahhhhhh! You owe me 100 bucks Alex, I’m sending Bruno The Crusher by to collect! Congrats to Danny who’s rollin’ 10 G heavier, and Forbes who got 5 G thrown in from Quiksilver.