Here it is. The long awaited sequel, to probably one of the best tours I’ve ever been a part of (Part 1). And since there was a small lull in between galleries, I decided to throw in some extra-strength piff—just ’cause I can. Once again, I’d like to take this time to personally thank Danny Kass, Dingo, Lucas Magoon, Grenade (Kevin T & Sketchy), Dave Gravette, Devin Appelo, Willis, Louie Vito, Mrs. Carolla, Mrs. February, JN Media (Nick, Jason, Little Brother, Carolla, Littles), Greg’y Boy, ole’ Verny Boy as well as any, and everyone else I might’ve forgotten. It was a long trip, but I swear to Gawd, I’ll never forget this one. With that said, and a last shout out to FujiFilmUSA—take a Walk Wit Me. Jeah!