WEB-EXCLUSIVE Bucky Lasek Dew Tour Interview

Bucky Lasek recently won vert at the final stop of the Dew Tour in Orlando, Florida and also the overall Dew Cup for the entire season, his back-to-back second. Read what he has to say about it.

How does the Dew Tour compare with the other contests you skated this year?

Well this one is a five month effort. The strategy is to do the best you can in all five so you’re sitting pretty in the end. The other contests are over in a long weekend and you just move on to the next.

What’s going through your head/how do you focus before a run?

You tend to debate with yourself over and over in your head. Thinking should I do this trick or that trick? Should I do this line now or wait and see where this other line puts me? All in all you need to not worry so much (easier than it sounds) but be aware and just do what you know you can when you have to.

Do you plan out your runs?

I have different lines and filler tricks that aren’t as hard for qualifying. Then I can put in the harder tricks as needed for the finals.

What’s the secret to winning back to back Dew Cups?

Playing it smart and not charging it to hard. You can’t think of it as a make or break situation. It’s more of a consistancy frame of mind that you have to place yourself in.

How much money did you win in Orlando?

90 grand in purse money.

Are you looking forward to the Dew Tour next year?

I will be, but for now I’m glad that it’s done. I just want to chill and have some fun time with my friends and family.

What’s next contest-wise for you?

I have Dallas LG contest coming up next weekend but there’s no pressure. When you have a contest like the Dew Tour then there’s pressure because you have five months of trying to do good so you can bring home the overall title. LG is a four day weekend that when it’s said and done you get what you get.

How many of the other competitors are your personal friends that you skate with on a regular basis?

I skate with all the guys that you see out there, with a few exceptions of the ones who live on the East Coast.

How were the fans at the Dew Tour? Were they psyched on vert skating?

The fans were pumped and they love to be brought into the enviornment. You have to admit it’s a lot better to watch in person. We feed off of a psyched crowd and when we’re pumped they usually aren’t to far behind.

Congrats Bucky! We’ll be seeing you in the future!

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